Financing Sources

What You Should Know About Cash Advance


For a business to run smoothly, it must sustain a continuous cash flow. In most cases, small businesses operate under financial constraints. In return, this deters efficient business operations. For instance, debtors may fail to pay their debts on time. Thus, to avoid inconveniences that come with such, the management may opt for a cash advance.

Is a cash advance helpful to a business?

If you have plans to make your business successful, a cash advance can be significant. However, taking a cash advance does not guarantee that you will make the most out of it. You have to put plans into place and channel the amount of money to meaningful use. A cash advance can be channeled to any of your business activities. For instance, you can use the money to pay your staff, expand your business, and buy stock among other things.

How can a company get a cash advance?

A company can employ many ways to get a cash advance. Merchant companies can attach several of their anticipated credit cards. This will not only ensure they get a cash advance, but it will guarantee cash advance at a low interest rate. Another option is to use your account receivables as security. With this plan, you receive a cash advance. The moment your creditors pays, the factoring company receives the agreed amount.

Are there many procedures involved in taking a cash advance?

ASdAQWSASUnlike taking a loan, where you have to go through many procedures before you get your loan approved, this is not the case with a cash advance. There are no many processes involved in taking a cash advance. Also, cash advances are processed quickly. If you have a high credit score, you may consider taking a cash advance as opposed to taking a loan. The reason is simple, a high credit score, limits the loan amount granted and lengthens the loan borrowing procedure.

Flexibility in repaying

This is a key benefit of cash advance. This feature of cash advances allows small business to grow with much ease. There are no fixed terms in terms of paying the amount advanced. Some companies allow you to state how you would like to pay the amount. In other instances, if you fail to generate a stable income, the lender may allow you to pay the amount later though at a small interest.…

Financing Options For Small Businesses


One of the major challenges small businesses face is getting a source of capital to maintain and expand business activities. Those running small businesses usually face this financial challenge causing many to opt out of business. However, there is still hope for small businesses when it comes to seeking financial help. Small businesses have some financing options that they can use to expand business operations. Below are the leading financing options that every small business owner should try before quitting business due to lack of finance.

Top financing options

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One of the most popular ways of getting finance for a business is by seeking business loans from financial institutions. Various financial institutions promote small businesses by providing them with loans for expansion. There are different kinds of business loans that a small business can opt for. For example, a business owner can opt for secured loans or unsecured loans. The amount of money borrowed also varies depending on the business proposition presented to the financial institution offering the business loan. Depending on the financial situation of a business, the owner can pick any of the available loan options and work to expand the business.

Venture capitalists

There is a general misconception that venture capitalists do not take ‘risks’ for small companies. While there are some traces of truth in this misconception, there is still room for small businesses to get the attention of venture capitalists. A growing number of venture capitalists are seeking out businesses that have the potential of ‘booming’ in the coming years. This means that small businesses with great potential also have a chance to get financial assistance from venture capitalists.

Lease for equipment

hdeshtjtfhdxhfcgvnhbA small business that cannot afford to purchase equipment can opt to lease equipment as a financing option. However, it is not the ideal financing option for a small business, but it offers a good way for a small business to get started. After all, there is an option of purchasing the equipment at the end of the lease. At the expiry of the lease, the business should be in a position to purchase the equipment.


This is probably the last financing option that any businessperson would resort to using. However, it remains a financing option since one can borrow money from friends and family to finance some aspects of the business. If there is no other financing option available, an owner of a small business should seek help from friends.…